There are plenty of things we could probably say here. Like those wedding favors that no one took home. But being in many wedding groups, the main thing I see is not hiring a Day of Coordinator, not hiring a professional photographer, and opting for no videographer. 

One of the biggest mistakes couples make when planning their wedding is not hiring a day-of coordinator. A day-of coordinator plays a crucial role in ensuring that the wedding runs smoothly and according to the couple's vision. They help with creating and following timelines, making sure that all the important moments are captured and executed on time. Without a coordinator, the couple would end up being overwhelmed by all the small details and logistics, leading to unnecessary stress on their special day. The default person is either a family member or friend, which sometimes works OK, or even the photographer! Photographers are pretty good with timelines since we have gone through the entire process a few times, but that puts a lot of stress on us to do more than one job. Our focus is no longer making sure we capture your day.

Another common mistake is not hiring a professional photographer. Weddings are one of those rare moments in life that deserve to be captured beautifully. A professional photographer can skillfully document the emotions, joy, and essence of the ceremony and reception. Without a photographer, the couple risks relying on inexperienced friends or family members to capture these precious moments, resulting in possible missed shots or poor quality photographs that cannot be recreated. If you want to hire someone who is learning the trade, that’s amazing, photographers all start somewhere, but be prepared for the worst, keep the expectations low. You may be surprised at what you get! That being said, make sure you find someone that you not only love their style, but that you vibe with! 

Similarly, not hiring a videographer is another regrettable mistake seen very commonly. While photographs freeze moments in time, videos capture the entire atmosphere, sounds, and movement, allowing the couple to relive their wedding day even years later. A wedding video encapsulates all the emotions, speeches, laughter, and tears, creating a time capsule of memories. Neglecting to hire a videographer means losing out on the opportunity to have a tangible reminder of the day that can be cherished and shared with loved ones for generations to come.

To sum up, not hiring a day-of coordinator, a photographer, or a videographer can be detrimental to the success and experience of a wedding. These professionals play essential roles in creating timelines, capturing memories, and alleviating stress. Investing in these services ensures that the couple can fully enjoy their wedding day without unnecessary worry or regret.

We all have a budget, but some things are a get-what-you-pay-for type of deal. Do your research, ask the questions, join groups, and get referrals. Get to know these vendors, because these are the people that you will be spending most of your time with on your big day! You should see them more as friends and they should see you that way too!