wedding and family portrait

I've always gone by both names.

It can get confusing sometimes.

My mom is one of those parents that name their kid one thing and call them another. I had an identity crisis in 3rd grade and wanted to be called by my first name.

I'm a wedding and family photographer in the city of Loganville, serving Atlanta and surrounding areas. I've been taking snapshots of families and individuals professionally since 2019.   I can't imagine doing anything else!

My style is more true to color but with pop. In a world of neutrals (which I love), be bold, be brighter and colorful!

I have had a camera in my hand most of my life, it was the most frequently asked for gift of my childhood. I was the friend with the camera. I knew I wanted to take photos for a living, but like most, it isn't how I started. I started work in the vet field (still do)! My circumstances in life at one point had seen better days. I won money and decided that I would buy my first camera and try my hand at the very thing I had always wanted to do and I haven't looked back since. This is not only my baby and my need to be of service to others but because it began during a pivotal time in my life. I owe it to myself to do it right.

My go-to place to eat is Chipotle and my go-to coffee of choice is something sweet and creamy. The sweeter the better! If I could have one choice of ice cream flavor forever it'd be Birthday Cake! My zodiac sign is Scorpio and I am an only child, but don't let the reputation of the two fool you because those who know me wouldn't say they'd guess that by my personality. I am an introverted-extrovert, I have always been the person that people can go to as a confidant. I am more quiet by nature, but the conversation flows once we get started and I am always smiley. That movie that everyone knows- I probably don't, but my favorites are A Walk to Remember and The Titanic. I need subtitles because if I feel like I can't hear what they've said, I miss something important. I don't consider myself a health nut, but I read the ingredient list a lot. Pilates is one of my favorite things!  

Residing now in the small, but big town of Loganville, I am a Georgia native, born in Atlanta. My family is my little world and now the animals outnumber the humans. My husband who I have been married to since I was 18, was in the Marine Corps for 10 years of our relationship and we have two kids - Bryson and Karsyn. We have 3 dogs (Pittybull- Lola, Chihuahua- Tank, and Bully- Kodak), and 2 cats (brothers- Whiskey and Ice). We are homebodies most of the time since our jobs are pretty active and involve driving around. When we can, we try to take weekend getaways (my current favorite is Jekyll Island).

I specialize in lifestyle types of portraits which include couples/engagement and family/maternity. Lifestyle to me means I get to be on the sideline guiding and cheering you on. I will have you be active doing things that otherwise would come naturally when you’re in the moment with your family- we have fun, doing and saying some silly things and you get to be yourself with little pressure to be “picture perfect”. True moments and real expressions are what fuel my fire. I’ll either be the fun Aunt to your family, the best girlfriend hyping you up, or your third wheel/wing-woman.

I hope we have something in common! I sometimes feel that my life history is a little boring compared to most (which I am okay with sometimes), but I love getting to know everyone.

Can't wait to connect!



“"When we got to our sunflower shoot - nature did not cooperate. Our sunflowers were sad. But Jordan, being the amazing photographer and visionary she is STILL managed to capture the magic of a sunflower session and made sure we had more than enough pictures to choose from. We could not have asked for anyone better and we loved everything she produced. It was hard to pick our favorites.

If you’re on the fence, just jump. You won’t regret it!"”