Madison + DJ's Wedding

May 26th, 2022

In Georgia, the weather can be so unpredictable. It can be hard to make any call until maybe a day before or just right before the start of an event. I remember checking the weather app obsessively. All this beautiful weather we'd been having and then BAM, an entire week of predicted thunderstorms and rain. You have to make best of what you can do and you hope and pray for the best outcome. The day didn't come without its rainfall, but without a doubt, watching Madison and DJ with their family and their friends with faith being the foundation of their relationship(s), truly was a beautiful sight, and you cannot doubt that their power and their positivity made the day beautiful.

DJ proposed to Madison in Natural Bridge, Virginia. They were residing where they attended Liberty University. They were in the final stretch of their last year and getting ready to graduate and plan a wedding when they reached out to me! Their own description of themselves is that above all, they are best friends. Their own best friends and siblings described this during speeches, which I think is one of the best things a relationship can come from. In 2020, they met after DJ had to choose a different seat than his usual in a class they had together. He chose to sit next to where Madison typically sat. They immediately hit it off and found comfort in each other. DJ described in his vows, how in that moment he knew he'd found his future wife. Talk about a tear jerker! DJ, so proud to tell everyone he was close to, he'd found the one. Their vows to each other as they stood in front of everyone, made you laugh and made you cry-- the perfect combination. I can distinctly remember some voice cracking while trying to express their evident love for each other. Their family and close friends had an ease with words when it came to these two and their relationship. Madison and DJ have a very calming presence about them and that says a lot when you are dealing with a semi-chaotic day because wedding, one, but two, the weather.

One of my favorite things about their big day, was family was very involved. DJ's mother, Jamie, was the officiant and his father, Donald, was the Best Man. Madison's sister, Savannah, was the Matron of Honor and honestly my right hand man when it came to directing family photos! The flower girls were sisters of Madison as well, and the ring barer was DJ's younger brother.

It was my first time at Four Oaks Manor. Located in Buford, Georgia, you'll find a quaint, southern style home complete with a wrap around porch. Designed beautifully with charm, there was antique décor mixed with a farm house style. To the side sits a carriage house where they hosted the cake cutting and dancing. Both lead out to the back to a gorgeous area full of greenery, tall trees and several path ways that lead to multiple areas for the perfect photo. A gazebo with lights all around made the first dance a little more private and magical, something out of a romantic movie. For their ceremony they stood before an open arbor that had white wisteria lining it. Their ceremony included lighting Unity Candles where both their mothers lit one and then Madison and DJ used those two candles to light a single candle together. The venue's owners and staff were very accommodating and welcoming and made sure I was also aware of everything happening or any changes made to the scheduling.

Madison's dress was so elegant and sophisticated. In a world of lace, it was truly lovely and refreshing. DJ had all black attire, which I quickly fell in love the contrasting look; it really did well with the natural light the day brought. The rest of the crew had neutral look with the guys wearing a light gray suit and the ladies wearing different shades of light tan/blush combination.

Four Oaks Manor: