Wedding planning involves making countless choices to create a memorable day that reflects your unique love story. One newer tradition that has gained popularity in recent years is the "First Look." This enchanting addition to the wedding day timeline allows couples to share an intimate moment before the ceremony, offering numerous benefits that can enhance the overall experience. In this blog post, we will explore why you may want to consider and choose a First Look and how it adds a magical touch to your special day.

1. Emotional intimacy:

The First Look allows you as a couple to experience a private moment together before embracing the chaos and joy of the wedding day. Seeing each other for the first time dressed in their wedding attire can evoke an overwhelming rush of emotions, providing an opportunity to connect, reassure, and calm any nerves before making your grand entrance.

2. Capturing genuine reactions:

The First Look enables the couple to capture the genuine, spontaneous reactions of seeing each other for the first time. Without an audience, the raw emotions are beautifully preserved through photographs and videography. These precious moments immortalize your love story, becoming cherished keepsakes for years to come. This part of the timeline really adds to your wedding album and overall portraits. Who doesn’t want more photos?

3. Extending the celebration:

Choosing a First Look allows you to extend your wedding celebration. By seeing each other and taking photos before the ceremony, you can reserve more time together and join your loved ones during the cocktail hour or reception. With fewer formalities to rush through, you can maximize the time spent with family, friends, and each other throughout the day. It’s your day, you should be able to celebrate and eat too!

4. Relieving pre-ceremony jitters:

Weddings can be overwhelming for everyone involved, including you two as a couple. Embracing the tradition of the First Look helps alleviate pre-ceremony nerves by creating a calm and supportive atmosphere. You can exchange words of encouragement, share laughter, and enjoy a precious moment of peace together before the chaotic day takes its course. Usually, once you see each other a lot of those wedding jitters go away.

5. Improving schedule flexibility:

By incorporating a First Look, you gain more flexibility in arranging the timeline of your wedding day. As your photographer, I am all for the flexibility! After your first look, usually we will go into couple portraits. The high of the first look really makes for better photos. We are not rushing to finish because family formals took longer. Now, we have some couple portraits in our back pocket if the weather decides to not play nice or the timeline doesn’t allow for sunset portraits. Moreover, this flexibility ensures that you will capture the best possible light and guarantee stress-free moments without feeling rushed.

6. Enhanced anticipation for the aisle:

Contrary to popular belief, the First Look doesn't diminish the excitement of walking down the aisle. Instead, it can intensify the anticipation as the couple has already shared an intimate moment, making the walk towards the ceremony more emotional.

I have seen couples change their mind in deciding to do a First Look, but I have never seen a couple regret this decision once made, or go back to deciding not to do one. It is a decision that you should make together and it is important to remember that it is your day and it can be whatever you want it to be. Don't want to see each other, but want something added to your day? There are other types of First Looks you can incorporate. You can do a First Touch instead with your partner. You can even decide to do a First Look with your wedding party, or other family members such as Dad or Grandpa, even your dog! Regardless of your decision, I am here to guide you into making it special.