If you get that overwhelming feeling when you start to think about outfit choices and colors, I hope that this will be a helpful place for you! Regardless of how creative or how stylish we feel like we might be, sometimes dressing ourselves is hard enough let alone another human being! This is completely normal, so let's start with some basics when deciding what to wear for your next photoshoot!


Rules are, there ain't no rules. Ok, well maybe they are and honestly, I just wanted to quote Grease. Number one, being comfortable is EVERYTHING. You want to look and feel like yourself. Nothing would be more annoying than trying to enjoy an experience with your loved one(s) and then having to adjust something every few seconds. Usually, choosing something you've worn before and know you look good in is a great idea! If we'd rather shop for something new, just consider what you'd be more comfortable in - that's going to be different based on your style and the type of shoot we are doing! Engagement session may call for that cute little black dress, but if we want it to be more casual then something more flowy may be better! Dresses not your thing? That's OK! There is nothing wrong with your favorite t-shirt, jeans and a pair of vans. We want to keep the authentic YOU in mind.

The next thing to consider, is location and season. A fancy ball gown, sitting comfy in your kitchen may not be the right look. A sun dress and hat in a snow field would just be crazy. We may not want to wear black when it's going to be a hotter day. You'll want to consider the season in that what you wear and whether you'll be warm or cool enough. See, some of these things you probably already knew! Not too bad so far, right?

Should you bring multiple outfits? Yes! I recommend it! We can play around with options when we arrive to our location. I love different outfits and I always have my changing tent with me if I know there may a change. Pick fabrics that move with you - I think textured fabrics and layers look amazing. They add to the photo and movement during our time together.


I am by no means afraid of colors. In general, I recommend aiming for earthy or softer tones. My other recommendation is to consider the room the photos may go into in your home. For example, instead of an electric blue, maybe aim for a softer blue. Instead of bright orange, consider an apricot. A hot pink dress may not fit in with the environment unless we are going for something a little more dramatic! For families, I like to recommend picking a few colors to arrange everyone in. The easiest way I find to start this, is pick a base outfit for someone, then build from there. Whether that's mom's floral dress that has a few different hues or brother's striped shirt that has two colors. One person may wear may something with multiple colors while the rest of the family may have more solids that compliment those colors.

We may need to take it back to elementary school and think about the color wheel - complementary colors are just that, they compliment each other to create visual cohesiveness. These colors sit across from each other on the wheel. An example would be a burnt orange against a green/nature background. Imagine a pale pink wall (building) and you are wearing a fun summer bright yellow and green floral shirt.

You can also have analogous colors, which set next to each other on the color wheel. Like the infinite shades of blues between the ocean and sky. This style is seen pretty frequently now days especially with neutrals and white and can be aesthetically soothing.

We don't want to match! So long are the days where we all where white on top and blue jeans on the bottom. We don't want to be so uniform that we just blend together. In order for our photograph to really stand out, we want to look for complementary outfits that portray different colors, textures or patten and tones.


I adore accessories. Smaller accessories are better to not detract from the subject (you), but they add so much more interest to photographs. Keep watches at home as they can actually be a little distracting. Rings, necklaces and earrings are simple items that add nice texture and layers.

Don't forget about the shoes! Please do not show up wearing running shoes! This accessory is a vital part to any outfit! No buts! Keep it comfy, but you can always bring a few pairs in case we need to walk a little. I am usually having you move around during our session, so I wouldn't want a fall if you decide to wear heels (which I am totally OK with if you wear them like a pro)! Boots in the mountains are perfect and maybe barefoot if we are near water!

I'll be on the look out, but make sure you're not wearing hairbands on your wrists or putting your phones in your pockets.

Accessories can also be a jean jacket or a hat! If you're not sure, throw it in your bag or send me a message! I am more than happy to assist and would love to point you in the right direction. I use Pinterest and other tools to help curate a look and color scheme.

Let's look at some examples of the different styles:

A mix of analogous and complementary

A mix of analogous and complementary

analogous colors that have pattern

analogous colors that have pattern, but they really pop with the background

More so matching, but not completely with some analogous colors and pattern

More so matching, but not completely with some analogous colors and pattern

complimentary colors with pattern, really pops against the white fabric

complimentary colors with pattern, the green does not pop as much from the green grass, but the mustard yellow helps make it pop.

complimentary colors, they pop so well!

complimentary colors, they pop so well!

Examples of Clothing Combinations

this particular combo, I styled for myself and my two kids! We have tans, with sage and blue

These are more analogous, but the pop of blue compliments the other colors. Mauve, tans and navy

This family session, didn't end up happening, but I loved these colors together for fall. Dusty rose, sage with apricot, mustard yellow